Does the Foreign Workers’ Strike Affect Your Study Visa Application?

Study Visa CanadaYes, it does.  With no let up in sight, students who have already applied for their study visa can only wait hopefully for the strike to end soon.  Applications are being processed but the process has become extremely slow with workers throughout the world walking off their jobs in rotation.  You can expect delays in getting your student visa approved.

If you still haven’t heard from the High Commission in Islamabad by the end of next week, then contact your university or college where you have admission and ask what provisions they have for these delays in Canada Immigration processing the visas.  They may be able to roll over your start date to the next session (i.e.: January 2014).

If you haven’t applied yet and are planning on applying soon, then consider the online process.  By applying online, your application does not necessarily need to be picked up by the folks in Islamabad but can also be processed right in Canada.  That is the beauty of online applications.  The Canadian government encourages applicants to use their online process.

When applying online for your study visa to Canada, you will want to be familiar with key terms such as Sign-In Partner and GCKey.  Sign-In Partner is probably not open to non-Canadians as you need to go through Canadian banking institutions to register and use the online visa application.

But you will want to use the GCKey registration method.  A GCKey is simply a credential that allows you to use Government of Canada online services, ensuring your privacy and security.

To register for a GC Key, you are required to:

  • Create a User ID
  • Create and choose Recovery Questions, Answers and Hints
  • Create and confirm a Password

So, if you have yet to apply for your study visa to Canada, then try the online process.  Go to the High Commission of Canada in Islamabad website and scroll down to their Apply Online link.


2 thoughts on “Does the Foreign Workers’ Strike Affect Your Study Visa Application?

  1. asad

    i applied in march 2013,and now my acceptance letter will expire on 30 September,sir i am waiting frome a long time .23 weeks has gone but i am still waitng for medical call,plz sir i am to much worried guide me

    1. Helen Khan Post author

      At this point you should immediately contact the college/university where you should be attending and see if they will roll your start date over to January 2014. Some institutions are doing this without any penalty to the student because of the rotating strike by the foreign workers who process visas.

      Hopefully you will get a call for your medical soon and then be able to attend in January 2014


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