Let Your Children Grow Up to Go to School

I finally was able to capture a picture of what I believe is dangerous. 

school grow up

A sunroof in a car is an opening in the roof of a vehicle to allow fresh air and sunlight to enter the vehicle where the passengers and driver sit.  It is there to be enjoyed by all passengers.  It was never intended as a door or window for young children to exit while the car is moving.

Yet that is what I have seen many times in my daily travels through the streets of Lahore.  I am absolutely horrified when I see this because I think, don’t the parents love their children enough to keep them from danger.  Why do they expose them to this danger?  Do they think this is cute?  But when does cute stop being cute?

If the driver has to apply the brakes quickly or if God forbid, there was an accident and the car came to an immediate stop or jolt what would happen to that little 4 or 5 year old boy or girl?  I don’t even want to think about it but we do have to be realistic.  At the least the child would be injured with neck or head injuries.  At the extreme, the force of the impact in an accident could throw the child from the vehicle causing back, neck or spinal damages, perhaps permanent life- altering damages.  The child may have internal injuries or may even lose his or her life.  In an instant your child could die because of this dangerous practice.

So parents, next time your precious little ones wants to stick their heads or bodies outside the sunroof please, for their sakes, for your sakes, stop them.  It is not cute, it is dangerous.  Please let your children grow up to go to school, to become adults, to have a future, one that they can enjoy and you can enjoy.  Do everyone a favour and say no to using the sunroof as a door or window; as a plaything for children.

Your child is worth it.

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