How a Graduate Student Can Reduce the Cost of Studying in Canada

studying in canada gradIf you are planning on studying a graduate program in Canada, you may come across this term, graduate funding.  Graduate studies in Canada are generally research intensive and the graduate students they take in often are eligible to work through some funding from the university or department.  If you can land one of these positions you can considerably reduce the cost of your studies

What kind of funding is available?

Guaranteed funding – This is basically what it states.  There is usually a base amount that is guaranteed, somewhere around $12,000 to $18,000 depending on the university and/or the department.  The funds will come either through the department’s operating account or from grant funding.  In some cases, if the department cannot offer you any funding, they will not even accept your admission.  So if you are admitted, you automatically get a base amount.

Research assistantships – The student usually works on some research being conducted in the department.  He/she will be paid either by his or her supervisor or by the department, depending on which research project he/she is assigned to.  Beware that the sciences, medicine and engineering are heavily funded disciplines so there is more research dollars allocated to these areas.  Not as much is handed out to the humanities, education other similar disciplines.

Teaching assistantships – As a graduate student you will work as a teaching assistant either in a lab or seminar setting, teaching undergraduate students.

Awards and Scholarships – There are basically two types of awards or scholarships.

Internal – these are awarded from the university itself.  You may or may not have to apply for them, so make sure to check out this information when choosing your university.

External – these are awarded from external sources such as governments, private foundations or corporations or from world organisations.  For example the Commonwealth Scholarship is an external one, anyone from a commonwealth country can apply for this one.  In all cases, with the external scholarships/awards, the student must fill in an application.  This is not done through the university.

These are the most common funds available to help reduce the cost of your graduate program.  To find out more about studying in Canada, contact a Canadian consultancy firm located in Lahore.


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