Finding Temporary Accommodations while Studying in Canada

res-kitchen study in CanadaMoving to a new country can be overwhelming, especially if you have not found a place to stay for your study period.  This concern is one of the most often asked inquiries that I get; where can I stay while looking for a permanent residence?

Most universities and colleges are well aware that incoming students may need temporary accommodations and have information available to students to ease their transition to Canada and the institution.

Where Can I Stay?

The best thing to do is to contact the international centre at the university or college where you will be studying in Canada.  They will have information available regarding temporary accommodations for their incoming international students.  Some of the places they may direct you to are:

Nearby Hotels – Often there will be a few hotels in close proximity to the college or university where you will be studying.  The international centre may send you a list of hotels or apartments that offer residency for a few days to a month or more.  You will have to call them directly or work through your international student recruitment agent in your home country to book a room for temporary accommodations.

Campus Residence – The different residences on campus will have a few rooms set aside for temporary accommodations.  Students can book these rooms for a short period until they find the appropriate accommodations.  Most campus residences have contact information online, either an email or phone number where they can be contacted.  Try to contact them earlier rather than later to make sure that you do get a room that you can stay in for a short time.

Home Stay – Sometimes individual families will open their home for a short time.  Again contact your international centre at the university or college where you will be studying in Canada for contact names and details.

Of course the cost of short temporary accommodations will be costly.  For example Campus Towers which borders the University of Alberta campus charges $185 per night.  A hotel further away, a 20 minute walk to campus charges $120 per night.  So you do want to limit your stay to only a few nights while you are looking for the right place to live while studying in Canada.

When looking for a place to live, if you do not plan to stay in a campus residence, contact the international centre at the university or college where you will be studying for off campus information.  You can also leave the headache of finding accommodations to your Canadian international recruitment consultant in Pakistan who will help you search for either a temporary or permanent place to live.

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