Advice for Students Traveling within Canada

airport-studying in canadaI returned to Canada just yesterday for a long overdue visit and found that air travel policies have changed.  So if you are a newly arrived student who is planning on studying in Canada and your final destination is not your port of entry, then please be advised.  What I mean is; if you land in Montreal (first port of entry) and you have to fly via Air Canada or another Canadian airline, to say, Edmonton or Vancouver, then you will want to take note of the following information.

No free food on the planes – Unlike international flights, you will not be given free meals on the plane.  You won’t even get small packages of peanuts or pretzels on the plane.  The only things that are free are drinks like water, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

You can buy food but you cannot pay with cash.  You can only pay with a debit card or credit card.  I am not too sure if they accept international cards or only Canadian debit cards, so beware.

The food is expensive – aeroplane food is not like a good home cooked meal or at your favourite restaurant, so it is not a great deal to pay for it.  And it is expensive.  For example, a small package of peanuts or pretzels will cost your $3 CAD; a bun sandwich can cost you $7 CAD.

Buy at the airport.  So if you think you will be hungry while you are flying buy something at the airport before you connect to your next flight.  Food at the airports can be expensive too, but at least it is better, it is not that expensive, you get some variety and you can pay cash for it.

I don’t want you to be surprised by this air travel policy within Canada so I hope that this advice may be helpful to many students who may be caught unaware.  For more information on studying in Canada tips and consultancy help with your studying in Canada goals contact your Canadian international student recruiting representative in Pakistan.



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