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The Hottest Places to Study in Canada

New WestminsterLet’s face it; when we invest in our education our desired reward is not only a degree but also well-placed employment.  We might enjoy what we are studying, but a career is the ultimate goal after graduation.

If you are planning on studying engineering, or some technological discipline in Canada, you will want to study in a university or college where you can get exposure to prospective employers so you can be a producing member of the workforce once you graduate.

So where are the hottest places to study in Canada?


The hottest economy in Canada is Alberta, followed by Saskatchewan.  Alberta holds a monopoly on oil and gas reserves; boasts a sound agricultural economy and has a growing research component.  So if you want to work after graduating, you will want to choose Alberta.  Its colleges, universities and polytechnic institutes provide programs that feed Alberta’s booming economy with qualified graduates.  If you are doing your undergraduate degree you might want to study at Grant MacEwan and finish at Alberta’s best universities; the University of Alberta or Calgary.  Other good places to study are NAIT, SAIT and the University of Lethbridge.

British Columbia

Beautiful British Columbia must not be overlooked as a study in Canada destination.  For those living in countries like Pakistan or India, BC’s climate is ideal.  It also has a profitable economy where technology, research and innovation merge to provide some of the best ICT, mobile savvy and wireless technology companies in Canada and the world.  Because it is located on the West Coast it also boasts an ever-expanding international market with Singapore Hong Kong and other South Pacific Rim countries.  It also has one of the fastest growing markets in biotechnology.

It has 25 public universities, colleges and polytechnic institutes and additionally it sports over 50 research centres.  If you are looking for a good college to do your undergraduate degree, you will want to study at Douglas College or one of the other public colleges.  If you are looking for a place to study graduate work, then you will want to study at the University of British Columbia or Simon Fraser.  Here you can study biotechnology, software engineering, micro-electronics, environmental and alternative energy systems.


Although Ontario doesn’t have as prosperous an economy like Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and BC; its economy is steady so a graduate will soon be in the workforce.  Large highly populated cities like Toronto, London, Ottawa and Windsor can be found in Ontario.  Each city has numerous universities and public colleges where an international student can study almost any program she or he desires.  For students who are looking to do a diploma or start their undergraduate degree at a small college they should consider Georgian College or other public colleges.  Universities like Guelph, McMasters, Toronto and York are excellent universities to consider.  And if you can’t find work in Ontario, you can always be mobile and move to another province where you can find work.

The Rest of Canada

Of course if you decide to study in a province other than the ones listed above, you will still do well.  All of our public institutions are excellent places to study; some are noted for excelling in different disciplines.  For example you can study offshore engineering in Memorial University in Newfoundland.  Newfoundland’s economy is built on offshore drilling.

Even if you get admission at a university where there are few jobs, you don’t have to stay and work in that province or city.  You can always relocate to where you find work.

If you want to know more about Canada’s fine educational institutions or about the various provinces and cities in Canada where you can study, please contact your Canadian representative in Pakistan at Alberta Rose Education Centre for consultancy services.