Why Reading Doesn’t Help You Get Good Grades

Many students try to study by reading only to find that they can’t remember everything they need for the exam.  So the next time around, instead of finding a better study method, they read more and more with similar results.

Statistics show that when a student reads they retrain only 10% of the information.  That means that even if you read more you are still going to remember only 10% of what you read.  One needs to read to understand, not memorise and that is what happens when you just read you are trying to memorise information.  If you don’t understand or comprehend what you are readying you will not remember and you will not learn.

The problem when we just read we are passive learners and we learn less when we are passive than when we are active.

So if we only remember 10% of what we read and we don’t understand what we read, what is the solution?  We need to find a different method that works.  We need to become active learners.

Ask yourself questions – The first question you want to ask is why you are reading anyway.  What is the purpose?  They ask other questions such as what is the topic about.  What are the main ideas?

Read the headlines, subtitles, introductions and summaries first – Reading this first will give you the topic, main theme, main ideas etc.  It will answer some of your initial questions.  Reading headlines, summaries etc, will also help you ask more questions that you will want to find the answer s to.

Recall don’t memorise – Once you have read a section or chapter, close the book and see how much you can recall.  Answer the questions at the end of the chapter; answer the questions you have asked yourself.

Make notes and diagrams – While reading underline, highlight or make notes in a rough copy or in the margins of your textbook.  Draw diagrams and flowcharts of what you are learning.  By doing this, you are becoming an active learner and participating in your own learning experience.

Review – Once it is all done, review what you have learned.  By repletion and review, the information will become part of you and that means you will not forget it.  You will have understood and remembered.

So try out these active study methods, you will find that your marks will improve because you are now an active learner and not relying on passive reading to help you get good grades.


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