Study Mass Communications in Canada

If you are someone who watches the Academy Awards you will likely hear Canada mentioned in the category of foreign films or documentaries.  That is what Canada is noted for; its excellent calibre of documentaries and message bearing films.  There have been numerous Canadian nominees and awards, for example The Barbarian Invasions by Danys Arcand who studied at the University of Montreal.  This year is no exception as we have again been nominated for the best Foreign Language Film at the 85th Academy Awards.  Rebelle, a documentary film about the Congo has been written, directed and produced by graduates of Concordia University in Canada.

So Canada is no slouch at producing quality communication media.  Studying Mass Communications at a Canadian university or college means distinction and if you don’t attain the heights of an Academy Award, you will still reach an apex yet unknown.  The world is yours!

For example students who took the Print Futures: Professional Writing Program at Douglas College were chosen to develop an awareness campaign about additions for a non-profit organisation.  This not only won them community recognition while studying, but also landed them their first freelance writing contract.

Canada has many excellent colleges and universities where you can study Communications.  There is a full gamut of study programs from diplomas to PhD, from Communication Studies and Culture, to Journalism, from Media & Film studies to Professional Communications in Business; the list of study programs in Canada goes on and on.

So if you want to make a name for yourself, if you want potential international recognition, if you want a quality education in Mass Communications consider Canada as your study abroad destination.  Contact your Canadian Study in Canada representative in Pakistan to discuss your possible study institutions in Canada.

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