Keeping Pakistan Green

On the weekend we took a much needed holiday to Islamabad and Muree.  It was a lovely weekend with excellent weather, fresh air and beautiful scenery except for one tarnishing element.  Garbage!  Garbage was everywhere shattering the picturesque splendour of Pakistan’s mountains and ultimately destroying our environment.

Pakistan has a natural beauty that must be cherished, nurtured and maintained.  But we are destroying our land by our careless and indifferent attitude towards its beauty and the environment that makes our land beautiful.  Certainly some of the garbage strewn on the landscape is due to ignorance about pollution and its harmful effects.  But much of it is caused by people who are educated in the sciences and other technological disciplines.  What is their excuse?  What sort of education will it take to make us conscious of what we are doing to our country?

Garbage is everywhere in this country.  Some may blame it on overpopulation or uneducated masses.  And although there is some merit to the argument, we cannot let that be our excuse for self-destruction.  The gauntlet must be taken up to keep Pakistan clean and green.  Informal and formal education campaigns must be instigated and spread throughout the country to educate people about the end results of this mass destruction of the land and beauty of the country.  Tools and procedures must be put into place to allow people to put into practice the newly attained knowledge.

Lack of environmental rules and programs has put the land in jeopardy.  Lack of communication programs and enforcement cannot be taken lightly.  Government bodies must come on board as most municipalities have not put sufficient waste disposal systems in place.

I am actually a foreigner in your land, it isn’t truly mine to maintain, but it hurts me to see Pakistani’s destroying the natural beauty of this land, destroying the soil that produces our crops, the water that we drink and the air that we breath by carelessly tossing out our debris. 

Does it not hurt you too!

Littering has to stop!  Who is going to be the first one to do it?  It starts with me.

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