How to Write a CV for University Admission in Canada

Depending on the study program you may be required to send in a CV as part of your academic application process.  For example Grant MacEwan University in Canada advises prospective students as follows:  “Specific Program Requirements – Your acknowledgment package will indicate other information needed for consideration, depending upon the admission requirements of the specific program to which you have applied. Examples are resumes, references, letters of intent, portfolios, and auditions.”

But bear in mind that a CV for study purposes is formatted differently than one that you would write up for an employment opportunity.

So what should a CV for University Admission look like

Education first

  •  Put your most recent degrees/courses then followed by earlier records.
  • Focus on your academic credentials; especially if you have never worked before.
  • Inclusion of grade school may not be necessary, especially if you are planning to study at the Master’s or PhD level

Publications & Research

  •  If you have published any scholarly papers in an academic or scientific journal, include these.
  • If you have done any research in university or in your work environment, include this as well.

Work Experience

  •  List in chronological order from most recent work experience to earlier positions.
  • Make sure to include a summarised, bullet point overview of your responsibilities

Awards and Accomplishments

  •  List relevant awards, scholarships, recognitions
  • Do not included grade school or religious affiliation awards/documents
  • Sports awards may be included
  • Make sure to include the year received

Volunteer Services

  •  It is very important to include community work involvement; especially if you are applying for scholarships or the program includes leadership training
  • Make sure to include the year/years in which you were/are involved

A chronological CV tells the admissions officer a great deal about the prospective student.  It shows growth and progress and also shows continuity and stability.  This is often very important, especially if you are planning on studying in a business program or graduate studies in Canada or elsewhere.

If you do need to write a CV for the school you are planning on studying at in Canada and if you feel you need assistance; then contact Alberta Rose Education Centre.  They have a native English editor on site and she can edit your CV for you.  Rates do apply but check with them for the current charges for a CV.


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