How Important is Speaking When Learning English?

So you want to learn or improve your English language skills?  There are four main skill areas that you will have to consider when choosing a competent English language training centre; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  Ideally you will want to find an English language school that will take you through all four components of the language.

But if you are taking your classes in a non-English speaking country, it may be difficult to find a school where spoken English is at a high enough level for you to gain a decent proficiency in speaking the language.  You may think that as long as you can get training in writing and reading you will do well.

But how well will you learn the language if you do not have opportunity to speak English in an environment where it is spoken well?  Helen Khan, who is a native English speaker and operates Busisense English, says that learning to speak is a very important aspect of learning any language and especially if you are learning a second language such as English.  She asks, “How did you learn your mother tongue?”  The answer of course is that we learned our native language before we enter school.  We are fluent in the language before we even learn to read and write.  By listening to our families we pick up the correct pronunciation, sentence structure and a vast vocabulary while we are still pre-school.  She goes on further to say that this same concept must be followed through when learning a second language such as English. It is important to join an English class where you will be able to hear someone speak the language correctly, grammatically and pronunciation-wise so you can replicate what you hear.

Furthermore when you start speaking correctly, that is when you will remember what you learn.  If you only read and write it is difficult to take ownership of the language and it doesn’t really become part of you.  But once you start speaking, you eternalise the concepts, vocabulary, grammar and etc. and that is when you start thinking in English and become fluent in the language.

Therefore finding an English language class where English is spoken well is very important to you acquiring good English language skills.  If you live in a non-English speaking country you may despair and think that it will be impossible to take English classes from a language school where you will hear and be able to speak English correctly, but there are English language training centres run by native English speakers in most major cities throughout the world.  One such place in Lahore is Alberta Rose Education Centre.  Just be persistent and you will find a quality English language school where you will be able to become proficient in all aspects of the English language.

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