Study in Canada Where Small is Good

Sometimes good things come in small packages and this adage is true even for small colleges and communities.

Georgian – a Small College

Georgian College is situated in a small satellite city; a one hour drive from greater Toronto, Canada.  The college offers university preparation courses, diplomas, certificates and degrees and joint agreements in some programs with larger universities like York.  This college is recognised by the province of Ontario, Canada so you know if you are planning on studying in Canada, taking one of Georgian’s programs is a viable option.

Some of the plus features offered at this college are:

  • Lower admission requirements than some major universities, yet quality education provided
  • High-tech equipment and a library with internet connection – great for studying
  • Smaller classes where students can get more individual attention
  • Many student services and career counselling for international students studying at the college
  • Three different kinds of accommodation; home stay ( a great option if you want to have a home away from home and improve your English), off campus and student housing
  • Airport pickup from Toronto’s international airport
  • Learning centres and peer tutoring so  your studying experience in Canada is a good one

One of the biggest pluses for Georgian College is the hands-on practical work experience programs.  Most of their programs have some variation of practical experience such as internships or co-op work experience.  This experience gives Georgian the privilege of being able to boast that:

  • Georgian is the largest co-op college in Canada
  • The graduate employment rate stands at 90% for the last 11 years
  • Over 6000 Canadian employers have taken on students studying at Georgian College
  • Over 60% of their programs are co-op which means more work experience to ensure better chances of employment
  • International students get the benefit of a co-op coordinator helping with resumes and cover letters
  • International student advisor helps with obtaining necessary work permits for your work terms

Barrie – a Small Community

Georgian College is located in Barrie Ontario which is a wonderful place to be.  It has many features that make it an attractive place for all students, but international students specifically.

  • It is safe, friendly, clean and attractive – has a very low crime rate
  • It is less than 1 hour from Toronto
  • It is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada which means lots of jobs, etc.
  • It has beautiful beaches, waterfront recreation, parks and ski hills

So, if you are planning on studying in Canada, you might want to consider Georgian College.  Contact their International Student Representative in Pakistan to find out more about this neat little college tucked away in a small community close to a metropolitan like Toronto.

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