Douglas College in Canada – A Great Place to Study

Douglas College, one of the largest colleges in British Columbia, Canada, is one of the few colleges or universities that are still taking admission applications for the Fall, September 2013 start date.  Most colleges and universities in Canada have already closed their admission deadlines for September intake and students who have not applied yet may have to sit out until the January 2014 intake date.

But Douglas is still taking admission applications, although that deadline will soon be past too if students do not act now.

Douglas College, in beautiful BC, is a degree-offering college that is nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  They offer internationally recognised degrees for less the price of a major university.  Douglas College not only offers degrees, but diplomas, certificates, some post-graduate certificates, university transfer credits and much more.  It only makes sense to study at Douglas College.

If you study in Canada at Douglas College you will save an approximate $ 4000 to $ 8000 dollars per annum by studying at Douglas as opposed to studying in Canada at a major university.  The savings are great and the quality of your degree is equivalent to any you would get at a university.  It only makes sense to study at Douglas College.

Douglas College, because it is a teaching focused institution and not research focused, provides smaller classrooms, more student-teacher interaction and tutoring support.  For those who want to include work experience with their academic study program, there are plenty of co-op work experience programs offered.  (BC is one of the richest provinces in Canada with lots of work opportunities.)  That means you get not only theory but practical experience in your studies.  It only makes sense to study at Douglas College.

Don’t procrastinate any longer.  Contact your Canadian International Student Representative in Pakistan now to find out more about applying to Douglas College in Canada.

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