Canada Study Permits for Pakistani Students

There seems to be this general consensus that the Canadian government does not give Study Permits to Pakistani students so they can study in Canada.  But is this myth or truth?  While there are a good number of rejections, most students have their Study Permit for Canada accepted.  (Out of the students that I have helped place in Canadian colleges or universities, all of them got a Study Permit for Canada.

There are some very important factors one must know to increase their likelihood of being included in the numbers that get their Study Permit for Canada.  These are some of the most commonly seen reasons why a Study Permit application may be rejected:

Unsuitable program:  I have seen Study Permit refusals for students who chose a study program in Canada that was less than their current degree or level of studies.  For example, if you have an MBA you should not register for a 1 year diploma in hospitality management.  That is a downgrade to the credentials you currently have.  Secondly, I see refusals for students who register in a program that gives the student a very low employment opportunity back in their home country.  For example, a Pakistani student who plans on studying English as a Second Language in Canada will most likely not get a Canadian Study Permit.

Money/Income Problems:  A person needs to show a bank account balance of the amount of tuition plus $10,000.  Additionally there are other financial requirements to meet.  See the Canadian High Commission of Canada in Pakistan website on what is required.  Also, although not required, it is recommended that one should try to pay their 1st term fees upfront and have a receipt of that included with their application form.

Insufficient Ties in Home Country:  A student who files an application for a Study Permit must show that there are enough ties in the home country to bring them back home.  Parents, family, current employment status, and prospective employment opportunities available once the international degree is obtained; all of these are factors that will help your case.

Fraudulent Information:  If in any way, the Immigration officer suspects you are not going to Canada to study, then you will not get your Study Permit.

Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade states that Pakistani students make a significant contribution to the numbers and quality of international students who are studying in Canada.  Over a 10 year period, between 1998 to 2007, the number of Pakistani students studying in Canada put Pakistan as a major source country for international students studying in Canada.  Pakistan hovered between the 10th and 16th position.

Do not let what you hear determine your choice of where you want to study.  Like I shared earlier; all the students I have been able to place successfully in a Canadian institution got their Study Permit.  Apply to study in Canada; you will be glad you did.

2 thoughts on “Canada Study Permits for Pakistani Students

  1. Hamza Sohail

    i m in karachi and m in 1st year ! but i want to study abroad after graduation, but i m not financially strong so will u plz tell me way to study abroad at low finance ?

    1. Helen Khan Post author

      The best way to study abroad at a low cost is to study very hard and get a 3.5 CGPA or better. That way you can be eligible for funding at the graduate level. You may also have to write the GRE or GMAT too to get scholarships.


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