Study Health and Community Services in Canada

Flipping through Grant MacEwan’s International Student calendar, I became acutely aware that this university in Canada has some excellent programs that would benefit those Pakistanis who want to work to bring justice and equality to everyone in Pakistan, those who want to be agents of change.

It is not that there are not Social Work programs to study in Pakistan, there are; but these programs are more geared to social development on a grandiose scale.  And as much as we need social welfare and development programs to develop sustainable economies for the marginalised in Pakistan, there is even a greater dearth of justice, mercy and compassion for the physically and mentally challenged segments of this society.

An assistant professor in the Department of Social Work at the University of Balochistan says that Pakistan needs social workers, workers of change.  But Pakistan also needs changes in the workplace for people of disabilities, it needs special needs workers in education, it needs drug and alcohol addiction practitioners; the list can go on and on.

Grant MacEwan’s Faculty of Health and Community Services is a unique faculty in that a student can study not only the philosophy and theory of working in health and community service areas, but it also provides practical work experience and on-hands training.  It is this kind of equipping that students in Pakistan need if they want to work in Pakistan and help change society for the better.

Some may argue that to study a foreign perspective may result in interference with Pakistan’s societal norms and religion.  Although this may happen, an intuitive graduate will have learned the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to adapt new ideas and methodologies to work effectively and yet they will be culturally appropriate.

The great thing about this faculty is that you don’t need to start off with the highest 1st division FSc marks.  For example if you want to study Disability Management in the Workplace you could apply with an FA only.  Some of their other programs may require an upgrading year to meet their admission requirements.

If you want to find out more about this small university where you can study world class programs and still pay below the average Canadian university tuition cost, contact their International Student Representative in Pakistan.

The Faculty of Health and Community Services’ slogan is “Creating Healthy, Safe Communities”.  It seems we could do with some of that.

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