Attracting International PhD students to Canada

As Canada continues to develop its technology and science sector, it calls for more workers in the respective fields.  Canada is a large country that is technologically advanced but under-populated.  Employment rates are high which means there are plenty of opportunities to work in Canada, especially if you are an International Student who is studying in Canada.  Canada does not have enough qualified workers to work in its technically advanced industries.

This news release in November 2011 stated that Canada is to accept up to 1000 international PhD students each year as permanent residents through its Federal Skilled Worker Program.  International PhD students studying in Canadian institutions are the most likely candidates for this program.

Canada prefers to attract and retain Canadian trained international students rather than looking at permanent resident applicants from abroad.  International students contribute significantly to Canada’s workforce, economy, research and academia.  As, the current Minister of State, Gary Goodyear has stated, “Canada needs more of them.”

So, if an international student in Canada spends a minimum of 2 years studying towards his/her PhD designation at a provincially recognized post-secondary institution, he/she is eligible to submit an application.  The student must also be in good academic standing.  If you want to research this opportunity further, go to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s News Release for more information.

If you are interested in studying in Canada, contact a Canadian International Student Representative in Pakistan for more information on different undergraduate and graduate programs offered at Canadian institutions.

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