Work Incentives to Study in Canada

Canada is a young country that continues to grow exponentially as it develops its industries and natural resources, thus creating an employment demand which cannot be met by its current workforce.  The number of jobs available in Canada far exceeds its skilled and professional working age population.  Therefore Canada relies on International students to fill the gap.

Canada encourages its international students to stay and work.  Students, while studying in Canada and after their studies can consider working in Canada.  The following is only a sample of what Canada offers foreign students who study in Canada.

Study Permits:  A student who holds a study permit can work on and off campus during their studies.  They also have the option of working after they graduate.  This usually gives the international student the opportunity to fulfill the 3 years residency requirement necessary to obtain permanent residency.  See Immigration Canada’s policy on working while studying in Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class:  International student migration is essential to Canada’s economy.  If you go to study in Canada you can play an important role in the workforce in Canada.  Giving work opportunities to students who come to Canada to study is a priority of the federal and provincial governments.  If you are an international student studying in Canada, then you may qualify to become a permanent resident under the Canadian Experience Class.

The BC Jobs Plan:  The British Columbia provincial government, like other provinces in Canada, has developed an International Education Strategy to attract international students to its institutions.  The BC government anticipates significant shortages of skilled workers over the next number of years.  According to their statistics, it is estimated that there will be more than a million job openings in BC over the next ten years, but just 650,000 BC students are studying in their school system.  That means that students from British Columbia cannot fill the required jobs; there will be a definite shortfall in the needed workforce. The BC Jobs Plan is looking to international students to fill the gap for skilled workers.  They want international students to study in BC and then make BC their permanent home in Canada.  Graduating international students who come to BC to study will help meet the upcoming skills and professional needs and ensure that this province’s economy continues to grow.

College/University International Centres:   Some International Centres offer employment assistance to students who come to study at their institution.  Recognizing that these students may not be familiar with the Canadian work environment, they point the way or provide assistance to show the student how to do a CV or resume or do a job interview.  Some International Centres such as the one at the University of Alberta has an International Student Work Study Program which gives financial incentives to both the student and the campus employer to hire an international student to work in their department and give them the work experience they will need to get them into the workforce after graduation.

To get started on your studying in Canada experience and to help you migrate to Canada where you can both study and work, contact a Canadian International Student Recruitment consultancy firm in Pakistan.


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