Can I Study in Canada for Free?

Everyone wants something for free and how much better can it get than to study in Canada for free? While it would be nice to study in Canada for free, only a select few have the achievement scores and other qualifying credentials to get a scholarship sufficient to study totally cost free; that means full tuition covered and if really blessed, living expenses too.

Canada does have a number of good scholarships for internationals students, some of which cover most if not all of your costs.  This is particularly true for graduate students who often find that their graduate study program isn’t as costly as their undergraduate one was.  That is because they can not only get departmental funding from the university where they study, but may also qualify for external funding or scholarships.

Scholarships for International Students

  • Sauvé Scholars:   This prestigious scholarship gives an international scholar a full year at McGill University and includes living expenses.  It is awarded annually to 14 outstanding international students from all over the world including Pakistan.
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships:  This graduate scholarship is for a world-class doctoral student who will be studying in Canada.  Candidates for the scholarship must have outstanding academic achievements in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering or health and demonstrate leadership skills.  The value of the scholarship is $50,000 each year for 3 years.
  • International Student Entrance Scholarships:  Each university, like Grant MacEwan University offers a number of entrance scholarships and others based on academic achievements.  Both international and national students are eligible.  These scholarships can range from full tuition coverage for the year to a couple thousand dollars.  Some colleges like Douglas College also offer International Student Entrance Scholarships among their other scholarships for which an international student may be eligible.  Depending on the university or college where you want to study, it is best to check out their scholarship listings to be well informed about available scholarships.
  • Other Scholarships:  This listing includes a number of Government of Canada scholarships and private foundation ones, etc.

Work Opportunities

While many international students may not meet scholarship eligibility requirements to get the best scholarships to cover all their study costs in Canada, there are other opportunities available in Canada whereby every student can afford his/her studies.  Unlike some countries, the Canadian government gives work privileges to incoming students who come to study.  To become aware of these opportunities you can visit an official Studying in Canada website to learn more about the details.

Do a Thorough Investigation

Although it is possible to study anywhere in the world for free, it is not always possible for the majority of international students.  You may certainly qualify for partial funding, but do be careful of the headline that offers you something absolutely free.  You may be disappointed by the misleading headlines or claims.  The other option is to contact a reputable Canadian international student representative in Pakistan who will guide you carefully through your study in Canada pursuit.

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