Kings and Queens, or Just a Tutor?

Have you ever considered your tutor a king or a queen?  Probably not!  But if you lived in Hong Kong you might go to a “tutor queen” or “tutor king”.

Tutoring is a big business in Hong Kong and in a country where consumerism is premium, good looks and fashion is what sells.  If you happen to visit Hong Kong and you see faces of young, good-looking glamorous models on billboards, you are probably looking at the faces of tutors, not movie stars.  Yes, tutors.

You will find these tutor kings and queens everywhere.  Eye-catching posters in shopping malls, on the sides of buses or billboards, display attractive tutors who impress you first with their good looks and then with their ability to provide a quality tuition class in English, Maths, and Science; you name it.

This kind of advertising sells and students flock to tuition classes to be taught by beautiful idols cum tutors.  In a country where one exam can determine your future, the perceived need for a tutor is pressing and the most popular tutors are those that can sell their teaching ability by their supermodel appearances on posters.  Glamorised tutors mean big business in the tuition class market.

Of course these idols need to be qualified, competent teachers.  They need to be able to have the students in their tuition classes understand the subject matter.  The lure is their ability to advertise their good looks; the staying power is their ability to teach the students well.

So next time you look at your tutor, maybe you will see a king or a queen in them. Maybe the next billboard in Lahore will be the faces of different tutors/teachers in the city.  It works in Hong Kong; would it work here as well?


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