International Student Scholarships Available in Canada

If you are an international student who is studying in Canada, it is worth noting that there are some scholarships and awards available for those students who are studying as an undergraduate in a Canadian university or college.

Although Canada as a nation or government does not have a lot of scholarships for the international undergraduate student, (there are lots for graduate students) studying in Canada, there are many institutions in Canada that offer entrance scholarships to their international student studying in their institution.  These scholarships are based on admission entrance marks and are for new students only.

For example at Grant MacEwan University, in Edmonton, Canada, there are a number of scholarships and awards available for both the national and international student who study at this institution.  There are several types of scholarships:

Entrance Scholarships:

These scholarships are awarded to students who have applied, been accepted and enrolled in their 1st year of studies at Grant MacEwan.  They are based on merit and awarded to students who are entering Grant MacEwan to study.  Examples of some of the Entrance Scholarships that are awarded to either national or international students are as follows:

Bachelor of Commerce Entrance Scholarship awarded on the following basis:  If the student has a 90% or more in their high school marks upon admission to this degree program they are eligible to receive $1200, 85-89% is eligible to receive, and 80-84% is eligible to receive $500.

The following are based on the student with the highest academic admission marks:

Correctional Services Entrance Scholarship

Disability Studies:  Leadership and Community Entrance Scholarship

Emergency Communication & Response Entrance Scholarship

Externally Funded Scholarships

Undergraduate students are advised to contact the Ministry of Education in their home country about scholarships for students who plan to study in Canada.  In Pakistan, try the HEC website for information and links to different scholarships.  Although they list many scholarships for graduate students who are studying at the Masters or Phd. Level in Canada, they may also have some undergraduate ones as well.  Also you can check the Study in Canada website for more details.

One externally administered scholarship is the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship.  This is a US based scholarship awarded by the ACEF Foundation.  Students worldwide are eligible to apply and they can be studying in Canada or any other country.  Students who are studying accounting, business, finance and criminal justice and are interested in an anti-fraud profession are eligible to apply.  Awards range from $10,000 US to $1000 US. This is a good amount to help pay for your study program.  Visit to learn more about this scholarship.

Grant MacEwan Scholarships

Dr. JW Grant MacEwan International Student Award – Two, $2000 scholarships are granted each year to deserving international students.  Students can be studying in any field but they must be studying at Grant MacEwan.  This scholarship is based on academic excellence and student’s financial need.

Globex Foreign Exchange International Student Bursary – is worth $500 and is granted to a student who is in his/her 2nd, 3rd or 4th year.  The student can be in any discipline, must be a student studying at Grant MacEwan and there must be a financial need.  There is only one granted per year.

International Student Bursary – This is a financial needs based bursary and is for $200.  The student can be studying in any discipline and in any year of studies.  To be eligible, the student must be from a developing country with the intent to return to his/her country of origin after completing their study program in Canada.

Student Association of MacEwan International Student Award – This is a $1000 scholarship and is open to international students who are studying in any field at Grant MacEwan.  This award is based on extracurricular activities where a student, while studying, has demonstrated considerable volunteer work in the university community, Student’s Union and/or student clubs.  The student, to be eligible must also intend on returning to their home country after completing their study program in Canada and continuing to bring positive change to their community in their country of origin.

The majority of scholarships are based on merit and/or community service.  When planning your studying in Canada experience make sure to check out any scholarships for which you may qualify.  Or ask your Canadian studying in Canada representative in Pakistan about particular scholarships available for the university or college where you will be attending.

4 thoughts on “International Student Scholarships Available in Canada

  1. Parul Rohal

    Dear madam
    One of my friend brother recently completed his matrix with 1st Division from Jhelum school , Pakistan . Now he wants to pursue his intermediate school from Canada ,with scholarship . would you please assist me in getting my brother admission in Intermediate school of Canada .

    Thank you
    Parul Rohal

    1. Helen Khan Post author

      There are a number of good international schools in Canada, both public and private who will accept you into their programs if you have sufficient marks. But studying at the high school level on scholarship is not easy as scholarships are more available at the university level.

      Secondly, the Canadian government doesn’t generally grant study permits Pakistani students who want to study high school in Canada. Secondly you need to have a guardian in Canada if you are under the age of 17 years.

      Therefore it is my recommendation to study hard for your Intermediate Part I & II, get good results (1st Division) and then apply for a good university like the University of Alberta where you may be eligible for good scholarships if you have high marks.

      If you require more information contact me as per the information on this webpage:


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