Alberta, the Place to Study in Canada

While considering the place where you want to study in Canada, have you ever considered Alberta?  Alberta is located in Western Canada, sandwiched between beautiful British Columbia and the wheat fields of Saskatchewan.

Alberta is known as Canada’s energy province because it has most of Canada’s fossil fuels.  Alberta has 60% of Canada’s conventional crude oil reserves, 85% of its natural gas and 63% of the country’s coal.  To top it all off, it has all of Canada’s heavy oil and oil sands reserves.  So if energy is what you want to study, there is no better province in Canada to study at then Alberta.  Related areas where one can study are applied technology, energy management, information technology, earth sciences, etc.; they are all available as options for studying in Alberta, Canada.

Not only does Alberta have the edge on fossil fuels but its strong economic foundation is also based on agriculture, tourism and forestry.  Many people from different nations come to work in Alberta so it has a strong international flavour.  Some Albertan companies have branches throughout the world and Alberta’s graduates have credentials that are recognised throughout the world.

Alberta boasts of several top-notch universities, among them the University of Alberta which makes one of the top 100 universities in the world, and over forty research centres.  In addition there are numerous colleges and technical schools where you can study.  The post-secondary institutions cater to the economic and employment needs of the province which means a high quality of diverse programs where students can study a wide range of disciplines, especially engineering, telecommunications, the sciences and medicine.  Alberta also has some of the finest art centres with the Banff School of Fine Arts and the University of Alberta boasts a world class theatre with their Windspear Centre.

If you are planning on studying in Canada, studying in Alberta has additional incentives in that the province and the major cities, Edmonton and Calgary recruit many international graduates from Alberta’s universities and colleges into the workforce.  With Canada’s work incentives for qualifying international students, and Alberta’s additional incentives then Alberta is the province in Canada where an international student wants to study.

So when considering a place to study in Canada, you will want to consider Alberta.  It has many quality institutions where you can study.  Its universities have a high number of students, like Grant MacEwan which has the highest number of international students in the province studying within its walls.  The possibilities of working in Canada, in the province of Alberta are exceptionally high what with its strong economy, its low unemployment rate and its work incentives to lure international students to stay and work in the province.

If you want to learn more about Alberta and its study options, then call your Canadian international student recruitment representative in Pakistan for more information.

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