7 Top Bollywood Celebrities Who Have a Good Education

When was the last time you watched an old classic, or a new movie featuring your favourite superstar?  Maybe you even skipped studying or a tuition class just to watch your favourite actor or actress.  Is that celebrity someone you admire and see as a role model?  Perhaps you aspire to be a screen idol just like your hero or heroine and somehow school work and classes just aren’t as important as they should be because you all your time and energy is spent modeling your superstar.

But we can’t all be in the movies and very few people make it to the big screen.  That is why education is so important.  In fact some of your favourite Bollywood celebrities not only talented movie actors and actresses but are talented in the Sciences, Maths, English and other subjects as well.  Some of Bollywood’s finest have outclassed their peers by studying hard and earning excellent degrees.

Preity Zinta has a lot more going for her than just acting ability and beauty.  She has an English honours degree, a degree in Psychology and a post-graduate degree in Criminal Psychology.  So take care, because her talent isn’t only on the screen, but any discourse with her might land you on the psychologist’s couch!  She is an all around classy and brilliant lady.

Vidya Balan is another actress that didn’t just take acting classes.  Although she always aspired to be an actress her parents encouraged her to finish her education which she did, attaining both a BA and MA in Sociology from the University of Mumbai.  So whether she is earning Filmfare awards for her performance in such movies as The Dirty Picture or No One Killed Jessica, or she is earning degrees, Vidya Balan can be classified as exceptional.

Siddharth’s ability at discourse started while he was still in college as part of the college’s debating society and theatre group.  He is in a class of his own for speaking abilities and which resulted in him winning the CNBC Manager of the Year Award in 1999.  He is not only accomplished in acting and speaking but was also top of his class in commerce which earned him a B. Comm. (Honours) degree and then later he attained a MBA from S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.  His accomplishments are not limited to his role in Rang De Basanti but also in his education accomplishments.

Soha Ali Khan shouldn’t be noted just for the awards she has won as best supporting actress or her classic beauty.  This gal knows what it takes to get somewhere – sheer hard work and work she has done.  She holds a Master’ degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is no slouch at holding employment at such places as the Ford Foundation and Citibank.

John Abraham is not all brawn and no brains.  To say he was all brawn and no brains would be a misclassification to say the least!  Of course, he can certainly act and he certainly has the looks, but there is a lot more going on inside this talented film star.  He holds an MMS from Mumbai Educational Trust which is the equivalent of the University of Mumbai’s MBA.

Amitabh Bachchan was, during his long and illustrious career, classified as one of the best educated Indian actors.  He held a Bachelor of Arts degree and also held a science degree from Delhi University.  Amitabh Bachchan will always remain one of Bollywood’s classical actors.

Shah Rukh Khan is one of Bollywood’s best known actors and the audience’s favourite.  When you hear the name Shah Rukh Khan, My Name is Khan, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Devdas come to mind.  But did you know that this famous actor who has had no formal acting classes has gone to class and earned himself a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce?  And no less with honours!

Actors and actresses are classy people.  Who won’t want to have a piece of what they have?  But next time you look to your favourite superstar, look to their educational achievements as well.  Whether you ever make it to Bollywood or any other big screen venue, you need an education, you need those academic courses.  Your stars did it and so can you.  And remember we can’t all be actors and actresses; it’s not easy to get there.  If you don’t make it in the film industry you need some recourse.  Let it be a good education that you can fall back on and have a successful and rewarding future, whatever it might be.

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