Studying in Canada in One of Its Richest Provinces

If, after your study period in Canada you intend to work in Canada, you will want to consider beginning your Canadian study experience in one of the richest provinces in Canada.

Based on the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of $70,826, oil rich Alberta is the place to study and work.  Studying in Canada where prospects of employment and a good salary are high is an incentive to study in Alberta or one of the other oil rich provinces, Saskatchewan or Newfoundland.  Where there’s oil, there’s gold!  Saskatchewan, the 2nd highest has a GDP of $60,878, which is then followed by Newfoundland, Ontario and British Columbia at $55,213, $46,303 and $44,847 respectively.

Some of these provinces mentioned claim many excellent colleges and universities where you can complete your studies in Canada.  Alberta has some of the finest educational institutions in the country.  This is home to the University of Alberta which is ranked 67th in the top 100 universities in the world and boasts of 18 Faculties and 400 programs.  Not to be underestimated is Grant MacEwan University which has university transfer and collaborative agreements with the University of Alberta.  A smaller university, it is often the first choice of students who want to study at a smaller institution for the first 2 years before transferring to a major university like the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary.  Alberta has two well recognized polytechnic institutions, NAIT and SAIT and if you are looking for a way to fast track yourself into working in Canada, you will want to consider these fine technical schools.

British Columbia (BC), although it only ranks 5th on the GDP per capita, is no slouch in an expanding international market.  The City of Vancouver, ranked as the No. 1 city for the highest household net worth is a prime place to study and find work in Canada.  The University of British Columbia, ranked 25th in the top 100 universities worldwide, is located in Vancouver.  Douglas College, in a student survey rated an A grade in quality of education provided to their students, has university transfer and collaborative program agreements with both the University of BC and Simon Fraser.

Ontario, the 4th richest province in Canada has a number of fine universities and colleges; the University of Toronto, McMasters, Waterloo and York are to mention only a few.  Several feeder colleges, such as Seneca or George Brown are also sound choices for a place to start your studying in Canada experience.

Saskatchewan, the 2nd richest province in the country does not have too many universities where you can study in Canada.  But it does have the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina.  The University of Saskatchewan is known throughout the country for its excellent agriculture program and especially its School of Veterinarian Science.  It is a researched based institution and also has one of the best Medical Colleges in Canada

So, as you consider your options for studying in Canada, look out on the horizons of Canada, look at all of Canada’s provinces, not just the one you know about.  You will want to explore what is your best option.  You will want to take into consideration the wealth of the province because that means dollars into their educational facilities which means a better education.  You will want to consider the wealth of the province because that means that you will be able to find work in Canada after you graduate.  If you want assistance as you consider the different studying in Canada choices, then call a Canadian Representative in Pakistan near you.

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