International Admission Deadlines for Studying in Canada

If you plan to study in Canada for September 2013, now is the time to start making inquiries about which university or college you should go to for your studies in Canada.  You maybe planning on waiting until you have written your Intermediate Board or O/A Level exams before applying to a Canadian university, but if you wait until then, you may be too late to apply.  You will have missed many international admission deadlines!

Many universities and colleges in Canada have international admission deadlines that are early in 2013, so if you want to study in Canada for the September 2013 session you must start your search now.  You will want to get into a good university in your choice of program.  If you wait, you may find that the program is full and unavailable or you have missed the deadline.  You don’t want that to happen!  You also need to allow plenty of time for your Study Permit for studying in Canada.

The table below shows the international admission dates for a small sample of Canadian universities and colleges.  There may be some variations in deadlines depending on departments and programs but this will give you an idea of the absolute deadline by which you must apply.  As you can see, now is the best time to start making inquires.  You may wish to consult a Canadian representative in Pakistan to help you choose a university or college that is best suited to your academic aptitude and career goals.


If you are planning on doing graduate work; either a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Canada, then you will certainly want to start now to search for the best place for you to study in Canada.  Most universities recommend that you begin the application process one year prior to your desired start date.  That is because there are many steps in the process to becoming a graduate student at a Canadian university, such as finding a supervisor and getting funding and scholarships.

Whether you want to study in Canada as an undergraduate or graduate student in September 2013, you will need to start the process now, October 2012.

4 thoughts on “International Admission Deadlines for Studying in Canada

  1. bilal

    hi guys,
    hope u all will be fine and do best. Actually i want to ask or need favours from you guys that i am living in pakistan and have MPhill degree in vetenery science. I want to come to Canada for job purpose. Can u guide me how can it will possible to get work visa in canada. thanks

  2. Helen Khan Post author

    Thank you for inquiring about getting a work visa to practice veterinary science in Canada. We are really educational consultants who help students get admission to study in colleges and universities in Canada, but I will help you as much as possible.

    To work in Canada as a vet the Canadian government will verify if your degrees were done at an institution they recognise. Then you will be required to write three exams to get a license to work as a veterinarian in Canada. The regulations are stringent but not impossible to meet. I have included a website that you can look at to determine more of what is required for a work permit in Canada.

    If you need further help do contact us again and we will try to direct your inquiries to the correct agency/department.

    1. Helen Khan Post author

      If you want to study in Canada we do provide consulting services. We are located in Lahore. Please contact us at one of the listed email address on contact page: Ideally, if possible, you should come and see us to further discuss your current education level and marks and what you want to study in Canada. I need more information from you to assist you more.


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