Getting an Education at the Lahore Museum

Besides the enjoyment of having family come to visit, there is the added benefit of going the tourist route.  I have now lived in Pakistan 4 and ½ years and had not yet visited the Lahore Museum.  So when our daughter came to visit, we decided to visit the museum and what a delightful and educational experience that was!

The Lahore Museum is an educational must-see for everyone who wants to know about the history of Pakistan.  I was impressed with its spacious interior, well-laid out galleries and attractively presented display cases.  The number of artifacts and/or replicas were numerous and exhibited in a way that enhanced learning Pakistan’s history through these visual displays.  Alongside the artifacts, there was a detailed caption as to what the exhibit represented or the significance of the articles shown.

I learned a lot about Pakistan by going to the museum and every school should make a point of including a tour of the museum in their Pakistan Studies or History syllabi.  Students would get a true education because their history would come alive; these courses would no longer be dry, dull and uninteresting.  I learned about the diversity of influences on Pakistan’s history.  I saw figures with Greek, Roman and eastern impressions.  I saw original artifacts and replicas from the Indus Valley and learned how old the civilisation really was.  Some of the pieces on display date back to 7000 BC.

If you want to have an enjoyable education about your country, or if you are a tourist and what to learn about Pakistan, a trip to the Lahore Museum is an absolute must.  When you go, plan to spend at least three to four hours so you can absorb all you can.  You will have an educational experience you will be glad you didn’t miss.

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