Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is a new venture for Alberta Rose Education Centre and we are glad we did it.  As Canadian education consultants we have much to offer you because we still consider Canada our home country.  Canada has a lot to offer international students who want to study abroad.  Not only does Canada have some of the top ranking universities in the world, but it also provides great incentives for the qualified international student by way of a diversity of programs and even upgrading programs for the international student who does not meet Canadian admission requirement standards.

As a Canadian, I am more familiar than most international student recruiters with the Canadian education scene and with my country, geographically, culturally, every which way of speaking.  I worked at a major Canadian university for over 25 years and in the course of my duties helped many international students from all over the world, Pakistani students included.

Education in Canada covers a broad area as we have many colleges and universities that offer a diversity of programs.  All provinces have excellent institutions and some of these provinces even have work incentives that the international student can take advantage of.

Therefore watch for upcoming articles that will bring Canada and its study programs to you.  I will share with you our better colleges and universities, our study programs for the international student and work and employment programs which you can take advantage of while you are a student and once you graduate.

Check out this page frequently because something new just for the Pakistani student will come your way each week.

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