July 2012 Spoken English Graduating Class

It was a fun-filled 3 months of speaking English.  Participants in our Spoken English class had a good time learning how to be better English speakers while all the time they were learning those difficult perfect tenses.  Surprisingly learning grammar can be fun, especially if you use specific tenses while discussing everyday happenings.  Try learning the past perfect tense by describing your day backwards!

Amber Getting Her Certificate

Amber receiving her Spoken English certificate

It was good fun and we did learn how to use those tenses while talking.

Our classes are intentionally small so that everyone gets a chance to participate.  And sometimes you just have to recognise certain students.  Amber came to the class shy and unable to communicate the many things that bubbled inside of her.  By the end of three months she could make herself understood and was able to communicate in English.  So congratulations Amber, you did well and I hope to see you in the Fall for another class.

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