Mother’s Day is May 13, 2012

My mother is a very special person.  I have the fondest memories of her.  She has a calm and gentle spirit that is a reflection of her deep devotion to God.  She is my role model and friend.  As far as I am concerned she is the best Mom anyone can have.

As a child, I remember our house was filled with music.  My mother had a beautiful soprano voice and she sang hymns and choruses, unaccompanied by musical instruments, in perfect pitch and harmony.  She sang mostly in English, but sometimes she would sing a couple of songs in German.

The lyric to one of the songs she always sang has, for the last number of days, been on my mind.

And so Mom, this verse to this song is for you:

You can’t buy the love of a mother, nor childhood again at her knee,
You can’t buy your youth when you have grown old,
Nor your life when your heartbeat is gone.
You can’t buy the love of a mother, nor childhood again at her knee.
Although you may hold both silver and gold,
The best things in life are free.

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