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Mother’s Day is May 13, 2012

My mother is a very special person.  I have the fondest memories of her.  She has a calm and gentle spirit that is a reflection of her deep devotion to God.  She is my role model and friend.  As far as I am concerned she is the best Mom anyone can have.

As a child, I remember our house was filled with music.  My mother had a beautiful soprano voice and she sang hymns and choruses, unaccompanied by musical instruments, in perfect pitch and harmony.  She sang mostly in English, but sometimes she would sing a couple of songs in German.

The lyric to one of the songs she always sang has, for the last number of days, been on my mind.

And so Mom, this verse to this song is for you:

You can’t buy the love of a mother, nor childhood again at her knee,
You can’t buy your youth when you have grown old,
Nor your life when your heartbeat is gone.
You can’t buy the love of a mother, nor childhood again at her knee.
Although you may hold both silver and gold,
The best things in life are free.


Knowledge is very important for everybody because knowledge is a light.  Girls and boys who go to school should learn that they should not waste time because time is very important.  When boys and girls go to school; most of them like playing games, talking about TV dramas and spending time with friends.  Then they go back home and watch TV.  They don’t know how important time is.  Some girls like studying and cooking, but studying is more important, especially for the girls.

Many children what to go to school, but they cannot because of home problems.  They cannot go to school because they are helping their families.  The girls are working in somebody’s home and they do this from early childhood.  Also, the boys are working in factories from their early childhood.  These children cannot even enjoy life.

So this message is for those children who can go to school.  Don’t spend too much time with your friends.  Look at those children who want to go to school but they cannot afford it.  So learn from them because you should be thankful to God and to your parents because your parents can afford to send you to school.

The moral is you can loose your money or everything, but you can never loose your education.  So please get some knowledge.

This is my advice.

Salomi Khan is a young lady who is now experiencing her childhood by going back to school.  She is a gifted storyteller so expect to see more from this aspiring young writer, perhaps in the form of children’s stories.

International Labour Day – May 1, 2012

History of Labour Day

Most nations celebrate Labour Day on May 1st, this is especially true of nations where there has been an English or European influence But what are we celebrating?  Is it just another day when we don’t have to go to work, or do we really understand what Labour Day is all about?

Labour Day is a day that was initiated in the 19th century and it commemorates the social and economic achievements wrought by labour movements that strove to improve the appalling working conditions for poor labourers.  The labour movements were especially strong in Europe and English speaking North America and England.  Labour Day also recognises the efforts of the majority who toiled endlessly in factories or did menial labour so the privileged classes could enjoy luxuries and leisure secured by the Industrial Revolution.

In 1810, labourers, desiring humane working conditions, demanded ‘8 hours work, 8 hours recreation and 8 hours rest’.  This single plea became the basis for International Labour Day.

If you are one of the privileged few who get a holiday on May 1st, consider your fellow citizens who continue to work, who have no holiday and who continue to labour endlessly on our behalf.  Our luxury is their sweat.