Does Smiling Make You a Better Student?

Smile, Its Good for You

Could getting good grades be as simple as smiling?  If that’s all it takes to get good grades, let’s all start smiling.

But let us see what smiling really does for you.

It makes you look good – Now that is important!  Everyone wants to look good.

It makes us more confident – Good point!  A confident student is a better student.  Do you agree?

Gives you a positive attitude – A positive attitude is always good.  You can climb the highest mountain if you have a positive attitude.

It makes you happier – When you are happy do you do better at school or worse?  Think about it.

It makes you friends – If you smile; 99% of the time, a smile is returned.  And who doesn’t want to be around a happy, smiling person with a positive personality.  It is a charm you can’t do with out!  You need to smile.

It makes you healthier – If you are smiling, confident and happy, your body can relax.  The less stress you have, the healthier you will be.

So back to the original question; if we smile a lot, will we have better grades?  Hummm…. Confident student, happy student, healthy student – all these are needed to be a student who gets good grades.  That doesn’t say you don’t have to study if you are a smiley kind of person, you still have to study hard.  So sorry kids, the books have to stay and there is that exam tomorrow.  But your positive attitude and smiling happy personality will just make studying easier and will give you what it takes to get good grades.

Study hard, work hard at school, and smile.  Because you are smiling, you will walk into the exam confident that you know your material, you studied hard and you believe you can do it.  So smile.

Remember this clincher for smiling is this:  it makes you look good! Irresistible!

We simply have to smile more!

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