Beginners’ Spoken English Class

Do you want to speak English so others can understand you?  Are you a beginner with the English language?  Then this is the course for you.  Register now for our upcoming Beginner’s Spoken English Class.

The start date is May 2012 so don’t miss it.  Free placement assessments are given to each incoming student to assure they are placed in the right class.  This is an evening class.

Contact Busisense English now for details and registration.  Check out our Contact Information page for contact numbers.

2 thoughts on “Beginners’ Spoken English Class

    1. Helen Khan Post author

      Hello Sajjad;

      Taking admission at Busisense English is easy. Pay a visit to the centre. Our staff will give you a free assessment test. This helps us place you in the appropriate class level.

      Our application fee is very low, only Rs. 100. The course tuition fees are also reasonable. I will not quote that here as they vary depending on the class you take.

      Although you are free to visit Busisense English anytime Monday through Friday, it is best to visit us on a Tuesday or Thursday as those are the best days to administer the placement test.

      You will find our address and phone number on the Contact Us page. Please also note the office hours on the Contact Us page.


      Helen R Khan


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