An Ant Attitude

Ants are amazing creatures.  If insects have attitudes then ants have the right attitude.  We have much we can learn from them.

Ants are persistent.  They never give up.  For example if you put an obstacle in the path of ants, they will find a way to overcome the obstacle.  They will try to go around, under, over top, whatever it takes to overcome the obstacle put in their path.  They don’t say “Woe is me.”  Rather they get to work and persistently tackle the problem.  Ants have a good attitude.

Ants plan for the future.  A famous man, full of wisdom once said, “Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer.”  They know that summer doesn’t last forever, so they are busy in the summer storing up their winter supply of provisions.  They don’t know the word procrastination.  Take time to watch a colony of ants and you will see that they are busy little creatures.  They are never idle.  They plan their future and work hard to obtain their goal.  They have the right attitude.

So next time we need a little wisdom on how to conduct our lives, let’s slow down long enough to watch the ants, learn from ants and then apply it to our lives.  They don’t have an ‘attitude problem’ like us humans.

Perhaps we should put on an ant’s attitude in our lives.

You can learn more about ants at:

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