McDonalds Should Thank Me for Spreading the Word

I should have written this when the advertisement was fresh off the press; but I didn’t.

I noticed it right away – the new McDonalds’ billboard advertisement next to my office.

Is the error intentional or a mistake?

The sign reads “I’m lovin’ it”.   The coffee, that is.  Yes, for all you grammarians, that’s right; the sign says, “I’m lovin’ it”.  [McDonalds Pakistan has come out with a variety of coffee choices.]

At first I let is slide, but after tasting the coffee I could hold back no longer.  I had to write.

The first time I saw the sign, and every time since the words glare at me, grate against all my sensibilities as to what is correct grammar.  As a creative writer the words rub into me, the wrong way.

Did McDonalds mean to make a grammar error?  Was it an intentional play with the English language, a type of advertisement ploy that would grip readers like me (and now all of you who are reading this article) so we would not forget that McDonalds now serves several varieties of coffee?  And if we remember the ad, maybe we would try it.  Was that their intent?

Or maybe McDonalds Pakistan needs help with the English language.  I think the ad should read, “I love it.”  For those that remember their English language classes, you would have learned that love is a verb of feeling, of emotion as are like, hate, dislike, etc.  It is not an action verb.  So we say, “We love tea.”  “We love our children.”  We don’t use the present continuous for verbs of emotions or feelings.  You love something or someone, you are not loving them.

So McDonalds Pakistan, what is really behind this ad?  Is it a play with words and you know the English language so well that you deliberately used incorrect grammar; or do you need help with the English language so you don’t make these kinds of grammar errors again?

I love coffee.  And I did remember the advertisement.  Maybe, just maybe, I thought, I could forgive them if the coffee was really good.  So I had to try one of the flavours.  I wish I hadn’t.  Whatever their intent with the ad, I was not impressed with the coloured dish-watered foam I was served.  Foam is not coffee.  McDonalds’ coffee is ‘not my cup of tea’.  Or should I say ‘my cup of coffee’?

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