Point #4: Choosing a Title that Catches the Reader’s Attention

With a “How To” article you want a title that makes the reader want to read your article.  You want a title that is different than the rest.  You want a title that tells the reader he/she will be happier, healthier, wealthier and better if he/she follows your “How To” article.  I once read an article on “How to Make French Toast”.  There are lots of French toast recipes out there.  The world really doesn’t need another French toast article.  How could the writer have made the title more appealing to capture an audience?

One formula for making a catching “How To” title is to have a title that includes your HOW TO (topic) plus (Benefit).  A more eye-catching title could have been “How to Make French Toast that Wows your Family”.  Every mother wants to make a meal that makes her family love it so much that they beg for more.

You want to show the benefits that will be derived from following your “How to” article.

Another style is to not include “to” after the “How”.  For example I once read an article titled ‘How to Change Your Life”.  Now, what if the writer had written; “How Changing Your Life Can Make You Happier”?  Tell me, which one would you read?

Another way is to not even mention the “How to”.  Rather than making a title called “How to Develop Good Study Habits” write “Developing Good Study Habits”.

Whatever way you write your title, it is absolutely necessary to put keywords into your title.  Think about the words that people might use to search for an article about your topic.  Then use those words in your title.  Think about the words that the search engines will pick up.  Then use those words in your title.  You want your article to come to the top when an Internet surfer searches the Internet for information about the topic on which you have written your article.

As a word of caution:  Stay away from too many adverbs and adjectives.  Leave those for the body.  Don’t make your tile too long.  It should be concise yet attention grabbing.

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