Point # 1 – Choosing an Interest-holding Topic

The most important factor is your topic.  That is the starting point.  Without a good topic, you have nothing to write about.  When choosing a topic, you should choose a topic that you know something about, or you should be willing to put sufficient research into it so that you have plenty of material and information for your article.

If you have the option of choosing your topic, then the best choice of topic is about something with which you are familiar.  What are your areas of expertise?  What do you know that others may not know?  You may think that your expertise will not have a broad audience, but that may not necessarily be so.  The world has become a blend, an infusion of cultures and knowledge, east and west, so your knowledge may not necessarily be limited to your locality or country.  For example, after reading a number of articles with inadequate content, I suggested that the writers write on topics where they had some previous knowledge.  One writer wrote on How to Write a Ghazel.  It was one of the best written articles I had the opportunity to edit.  It was chock-full of information and written in an orderly fashion.

Will the article have a far reaching appeal?  I can’t answer that 100% but the West has become infatuated with South Asian classical music thanks to musicians like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Ravi Shankar.  You can even take university courses that include South Asian classical music.  So do not limit yourself to topics with which you are unfamiliar.

You need a topic that interests you sufficiently so you can spend approximately 1 to 2 weeks writing a top-notch article.  You may not have the option to choose your own topics because of an employment contract or other binding agreements.  Perhaps they are assigned to you.  You need to muster up enough interest to sustain you for a long enough period to write a thoroughly detailed and interesting article.  Whatever your topic; make sure that your topic is neither too broad nor too narrow.  If your topic is too broad then your article will be either too large with lots of steps, examples and details, or too superficial because you cannot do your topic justice within the generally prescribed 400 to 600 words for a “How To” article.  To know if you have the right amount of ideas for any given topic; this is where brainstorming comes in.

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