Developing Good Study Habits

Tip # 14:                               The End of the Chapter

This is the last in my series on developing good study habits, which brings me to the end of the chapter.  If your teacher is not currently having you read the summaries and do the questions at the end of your chapter, then you should do them on your own  The summaries at the end of the chapter highlight the important parts of the chapter.  The questions at the end of the chapter ask questions on all of the important facts and concepts discussed in the chapter.  If you do these, then this is a good review of all that was discussed in the chapter.

By doing the questions at the end of each chapter, you will discover what you do know and what you still have to study.

Yes, studying takes organisation and work, but the rewards are worth all of that hard effort.  As you see your grades improve you will be glad you implemented these good study habits.

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