Developing Good Study Habits

Tip # 12:                      Review, Review and Review

There are two main places you should review.  One place is during your study period.  Review the lecture notes you took in class.  As you redo your lecture notes, this will be a good review.  Once you think you have finished preparing or an exam, review what you have studied.  Make a summary of all that you have studied.  Get that overall or macro view of your subject material, be it Math, Science, English, or any other subject.  If you read a chapter, an essay, a short story, whatever, before closing the book; review what you have just read.  You should have an overview of what is important in the reading.  Know the main points of what you just read.  This is a very central part to effective studying.

The second place to review is during the exam.  Being the first one to finish the exam isn’t necessarily a measurement that confirms you are a genius.  Once you have finished your exam and you still have time to review what you have written/answered go over the exam.  Check your answers.  Did you forget anything?  In your Math exam, did you remember all the steps to solve the equations?  Check for possible omissions or errors.  This is the time to fix them before turning in your paper.  Did you answer all of the questions or did you forget to answer something?

Now you have checked everything over and you are satisfied that you have answered everything to the best of your ability.  Now turn in your exam.

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