Developing Good Study Habits

Tip # 8                         Keywords

“Keywords” has become a very popular term these days.  It is mainly used in the IT world and is part of IT jargon.  The idea behind using these keywords is that search engines will pick up on the frequent use of keywords and bring your website into the limelight – give it high ratings.

This same thought pattern can come over into your studies.  The use of keywords in studying will bring to remembrance certain words and concepts and place these keywords high in your memory bank.  That’s where you want them to be if you want to achieve good marks.  Being aware of keywords while studying is very important to getting good grades.

While you are in lecture or reading your text, underline or highlight keywords and key phrases (main topics and ideas).  Some high achievers even like to use different coloured pencils or highlighters – one colour for main words or ideas and a second or third colour for definitions, minor keywords and etc.  If you do this, then when you are studying, or reviewing your text and notes, these keywords will leap out at you – they will rate high in the ‘search engines’ of your brain and be found in the “forefront of your brain”.  They will be prominent in your mind.

This is also another good place to use the visual aid method.  For example, you might be learning about whales & dolphins in your Biology class. Rather than just underlining or writing down keywords, draw a diagram in much the same way you would do a brainstorming diagram.

When it comes time to do the test, you will be able to visualize your answer by pulling out from the recesses of your mind the whale/dolphin diagram.

Start applying this keyword study method and see your memory and your grades improve.

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