Developing Good Study Habits

Tip # 7                                   Acronyms

If I say “Aunt Attila never eats any sour apples”, what does that mean?  Well it might not mean anything to anyone else, but it could mean something to you if you have to remember the names of the continents.  The above quoted sentence is called an acronymic sentence and these kinds of sentences are often used to remember important facts or items.  An acronym is a word each letter in the word stands for the first letter of another word.  In an acronymic sentence, each word starts with the first letter of another word.  So to carry the above example further; Aunt stands for Africa, Attila stands for Australia, Never stands for North America, Eats stands for Europe, Any stands for Asia, Sour stands for South America and finally, Apples stands for Antarctica.  By making a sentence that you can associate with your list of continents, you will be able to remember these 7 names when it comes time for the exam.  Each word in the sentences gives you a clue as to what letter one of the continent names start with.  This method also helps you remember how many of something there is.  Seven words mean seven continents.

Of course you are not limited to the above example of an acronymic sentence.  Not only do they help you remember important lists of things, but acronymic sentences are especially useful if you need to remember items or facts in a specific order.  For example try writing an acronymic sentence for the days of the week, starting with Sunday.  You must keep the days in order.  Try it and see what you come up with.

You can also try your creativity by using only a one-word acronym, but this is a little more difficult.  I tried the one word variety for the different parts of the ear and the best I could come up with is “cheap as…” which stands for the pinna, ear drum, anvil, hammer, stirrup, auditory nerve and cochlea.  You can make one word acronyms, but you might spend too much time on “one-worders” and defeat the whole idea behind effective study habits.

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