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6 thoughts on “Post Your Comments

  1. Mohammad bilal

    i m a student of “Alberta Rose Education Center” And the teacher like Mr Asif khan,
    Helen khan i love them.They are not teaching from books they teach from the heart so i will suggest every one who need to learn English.join Albert Rose Education Center.
    they will give you something to take home to think about besides homework.

  2. Nauman Azam

    This is the only language institution which provides you sincere education. Most of the institutions, today, are just selling the knowledge.But, Mr.Asif and Mam Helen are the real teachers. They improved my character besides providing me the regular course knowledge. They always provided me something to think about, developed in me the habit of effective writing, taught me the ways to best dealing with others, improved my presentation skills and encouraged me in every possible way.
    It is worth mentioning here that after my language classes, I first time participated in English Debate competition and won the First prize against All Pakistan HEC Best Debator.
    I really miss Mam Helen and Sir Asif a lot. They are my spiritual parents.
    Thanks to you Mam Helen and Sir Asif!

    BS Mechanical Engineering,

  3. Farooq

    I am in the 6th class. I worked hard, and thanks to my Math Sir at Alberta Rose Education Centre, I got 94% on my Math exam. It is the highest mark in my class. One more boy got 94%.

  4. rafisarwari

    i want come canada for studying
    i m graduated from afghanistan school
    and also i taught math for secondary courses for two years
    i wish study the second digree math in canada
    and also i m ready to come can ada
    pleade pave the way for me to come canada for studying
    and also i m abble to pay the fee of admation
    please help me (rafi from afghanistan

    1. Helen Khan Post author

      If you have the required marks you may be able to study in Canada. I am not familiar enough with Afghanistan’s education system to know what your marking system is like. But I will refer you to the University of Alberta’s International Recruitment Officer who is responsible for Afghanistan. She usually works with undergraduate students, but I am sure that she can give you some guidance as to requirements for studying a Master’s Degree in Canada.


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