Developing Good Study Habits

Tip # 3:                        Plan Not to Cram

As a university student I never studied the night before the exam.  I figured that if I didn’t know it by then, I wasn’t going to know it by cramming the night before the exam.  That principle worked well for me because my graduating GPA was 8.3 (3.57 on the 4 point system).

I did study though.  I studied hard throughout the year.  Then the night before the exam I rested.  I took the night off and relaxed so my mind would be fresh for the exam.

Plan to study not procrastinate.  Determine how much material has to be covered in a particular time period.  Then make a schedule accordingly.  Know you exam schedules and what material will be on the exam.  Then plan to study consistently throughout the week and months ahead.  Ideally, try to study every day.  Make sure to allot enough time for all your subjects.  Do concentrate on those that you have the most difficulty with, but also bear in mind that certain subjects like Maths and Sciences, especially Chemistry and Physics, have lots of concepts that are perfected by practice.  If you are in the Sciences, you will need to spend lots of time studying before the exam.  English too, takes time and planned study times, especially if English is a second language for you.

When you cram, you retain the information for only a short period of time.  The time may be no longer than a few days after the exam.  But if you set up a study plan then you will be able to retain the knowledge for a longer length of time.  It may be a life-time.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  Short-term study causes short-term results.  Long-term study causes long-term results.

Some students need to work while they go to school.  Some work to support family members and some work to support themselves while they go to college or university.  If this is the case, you may not be able to study every day, but take all your priorities and schedule your life accordingly.

If you do work, you may find that you have to cram, but try not to make it your practice.

If you put a good study plan in place you will find that your grades increase remarkably.  The reward of good grades is worth the effort.

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