The Importance of Asking Questions in the Classroom

The adage goes “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers”.  How true this is in the classroom.  When the teacher asks, “Does anyone have any questions,” she/he is expecting questions and even welcomes them.  The teacher expects the students to ask questions so they can have a better understanding about points that are not yet clear.

Many students hold back from asking questions.  They are afraid that their question might be conceived as silly or worse yet; their peers and even the teacher might think they are unintelligent.  But the truth of the matter is that the very question you want to ask, is most probably the same question your peers want to ask but are afraid to ask.

So ask questions.  You are in the classroom to learn.  The teacher is there for your learning betterment.  She/he is there to help you.  If you ask questions you will learn.  You will get the answers you need.  You will have the necessary understanding you need about the subject matter.

The intelligent student asks questions.  It is okay to ask questions.

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